A unique store format designed for small-space locations with high pedestrian traffic. This concept offers an elegant technological solution for ready-to-serve and yet always-fresh pizza


Pizza by slice is a perfect street food. Coupled with high pedestrian traffic, it presents an exciting opportunity for business. But pizza truly shines when it’s served fresh-out-of-the-oven. So how do you ensure non-stop instant availability of always fresh product with minimal write-offs? You put our IT system Dodo IS in charge of the kitchen! The system times shelf life of every slice and automatically initiates every new preparation. Shelf life of a fresh-made pizza is 60 minutes:


First 45 minutes

69 ₽

regular price per slice

Last 15 minutes

19 ₽

discounted price per slice

After 60 minutes
what’s left gets written-off

The first Dodo Pizza and Coffee in Syktyvkar

We opened the first Dodo Pizza and Coffee on 11 October 2015 in Syktyvkar. The 19 square meters of dining space accommodate only a couple of stand-up tables. Limited menu: three best-seller pizzas, coffee, the dodster, milkshakes, sodas and desserts. We don’t yet know if this new concept will prove a competitive one and a good investment. But thanks to our information system, you can follow its progress with real-time sales together with us:


Sales so far today. At this time yesterday i, last week — i


PeriodSalesAvg. CheckOrders
Week ago

Right now at the pizzeria

Our ERP system Dodo IS is a cloud service and the POS operates through a browser. This allows us to easily share with you how many slices of which pizza are available at the moment, at what price and when they were taken out of the oven:

per slice
per slice
per slice

Live broadcast from the pizzeria: Kommunisticheskaya 31/1, Syktyvka


The first Dodo Pizza and Coffee in Syktyvkar is an experiment. If the concept shows good test results we will promote the format through our corporate owned pizzerias and by franchising to our partners. This format will only be available to franchisees with one or more operating units. If you are interested in partnering with Dodo Pizza please visit our franchising department website:



Dodo Pizza is an international pizza delivery and restaurant chain operating in 9 countries, including China and the USA. It was founded in 2011 in by an entrepreneur from Syktyvkar, Fedor Ovchinnikov. What sets us apart from the competition is our proprietary IT product Dodo IS. It optimises business processes in every pizzeria as well as in the entire network and makes.